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Storyteller and inspirator Tam Vibberstoft.

Safe, sensous spaces for peace and reflection. Meetings between people.  
Strong stories. New angles. 


In 1989 my Mom had a Caesarean cut because I was lying the wrong way around. Since then I’ve been upside-down.

With a background in photography, a degree from the art academy and years of experience with bandlife I’ve been far and wide.

Today I’m a performer, I do talks, make films, photography and release music.
It sounds a bit messy, but in all this I’m a curious story teller and facilitator of beautiful meetings. 

Want to meet up?

tamvibberstoft AT gmail.com


  • March 2020: Tour on the Faroe Islands with my performance ‘Færøfejring’.
  • 6 May 2020: “(Not) making it in the art world”, talk at Odder Højskole
  • 6 June 2020: “Veninde, hustru, mor”– short films and reading at Dokk1.





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