I design situations in which meetings can unfold. I script and construct defined frames for social experiences. On the border between fiction and reality new opportunities for community arise.
My work always flirts with the contrast between presence and absence. Between the unknown and home. Between control and unpredictability.
I work with medias such as film, digital work, photography, music, sound, performance and installation.


Preparations For The Best Show

On-going performance installation, 2015.

We are in the greenroom, commonly known as the backstage. We’re waiting for showtime. Welcome to the Preparations For The Best Show.

The Preparations take place in a room dedicated to presence. By emphasizing the passing of time and slowing down the speed of the script, the preparations make us aware of being and being present.

The Preparations are on-going and Guests can stay for any amount of time.
In the morning I enter the space, press play on the computer and from here the timeline unfolds. Throughout the day I’m following the orders from the computer and conducting the Preparations until the closing time, where the show can begin.

The Preparations include materials such as sound and music, lyrics and text, films, actions and participation. The Preparations are tightly scripted and timed, and at the same time it leaves great room for chance, failure and coincidences.

Together with the Guests I hope to shape a pleasant sensuous present, which prepares us for entering either the real world or the art world (or The Best Show if you like).







As most artists I find it hard to support myself from art projects only. That’s why I’ve always been cleaning on the side.
Actually I’ve become really talented at it and I even like to do it. So I’ve made my own cleaning company called KunstneRen and I’m currently examining the border between manual work and performance by exploring the role of this cleaning lady, KunstneRen.